Montag, 28. Januar 2013

Panel of the week #12

Hello comic friends,

it's time for another panel of the week.The last two weeks i've reread the 52 crossover. These four books are quite good, but inhabits a lot of rush artwork. The focus lies on the sometimes twisted story and with the big task to produce an issue every week the quality in the art suffers. But there are still some gems hidden.

One of my favorites is the panel of the week displaying Black Adam holding dead Isis in his arms looking in the rainy sky. Black Adam is one of the most important characters in this series and I love his cold blooded nature. His slowly social recovery forced by the black marvel family works very well and you're really feeling lucky for this guy. But it just makes the fall higher. This picture defines the last moment of goodness in him. It's the unspoken prayer to higher forces for justice just to realize that he is at the mercy of fortune. In the next panel Black Adam is trapped deep down in his inner rage with the cruel desire to see the whole world burning. This also is a great sequence. Just a little gap represents the entire fall of one of the mightiest characters in the DCU.

What is your favorite panel or sequence in 52?