Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

Panel of the week #11

Hello comic friends,

this panel of the week is from Batman #13. The beginning of the "Death of the Family" event. Given that I'm running behind the actual issues this could be a little vintage for some readers. But so I still have some issues to be excited about ;).

After the "Night of the Owl" story line everybody has been waiting for the next major Joker appearance. And here it is. The hole cinematic introduction with the rain in the night and a broody grim Gordon are perfectly staged. The first panel of this issue, just the dropping rain on concrete, said to me: there's something bad to happen. It was very close to end up as my panel of the week but the foot of the Joker into the rainy street exceeded it. I love Capullos style to draw and the use of digital blur and light effects work very well in this hole issue. Especially in this panel. It sets a perfect dark mood for the upcoming story. By now I think this could become one of the best Batman tales ever told.