Dienstag, 10. September 2013

Time is ticking away ... What's going on?!

Hello comic-friends,

so what IS going on? I'm working on different subjects right now. Really busy with HyperGeeky.com and preparing a short planned Trekking-Trip to Ireland. So a lot to do for me and right now I am not very pleased with my time writing articles and reviews about comics. My normal life takes his tribute and there is almost no time left to read, enjoy and to analyse comics. The pile of unread comics is growing into dangerous dimensions and I assume soon it will start attracting things like a black hole. Reading them just away would be an easy task but really read and appreciate them is a whole different kind of fulfilling my job. So I've got a lot I want to do but everything wants to be considered. But don't panic. Everything goes step by step and here are the latest articles I've written for HyperGeeky.com.

Panel of the Week - Trillium

Panel of the Week - The Dark Knight Returns

Panel of the Week - Kick-Ass 3

Open the Gateway: The Manhattan Projects #4 Review

Of course I am always working on the Panel of the Week articles and The Manhattan Projects is also in my focus. Too, I work on a very difficult article about Digital Comics and the development of Comic-Art in the last years. So stay tuned.